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On-call Maintenance

Break/Fix Rates

Per incident rate              $125.00 per hour onsite

Phone Support                   $60.00 per hour

Shop Rate (Drop off)      $75.00 per hour


Block Rate Plan

Normal Rate                       $62.50 per hour

Overage Rate                    $93.75 per hour

Block rate requires a retainer for a certain number of hours.

Unlimited number of computers. Hours do not roll over.


Maintenance Plan

Per Workstation                  $35.00 per workstation per month

Per Server                           $70.00 per server per month

Unlimited number of hours.


With our Block Rate and Maintenance Rate plans Marshall Data will provide:

  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Backup monitoring
  • Operating system updates
  • User management (computer and email accounts)
  • Instant remote support with our remote host application


With a yearly prepay a one month credit is given, making it 12 months for the price of 11.

Please call for more details.