Category: Virus/Malware

Cryptolocker: How to avoid getting infected and what to do if you are


There’s a big threat wiling around on the Internet right now: A particularly nasty piece of ransomware called Cryptolocker. Many, many organizations are being infected with this malware, but fortunately, there are surefire ways to avoid it and also ways to mitigate the damage without letting the lowlifes win. What is Cryptolocker? Cryptolocker comes in …

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Patching the End User: How to Recognize the Social Engineering In Scams

Scammers use psychological manipulation to defraud their victims, so it is extremely useful to be able to identify the social engineering elements in online scams. If you can recognize the social engineering taking place in some of today‚Äôs scams, you can better protect yourself and avoid scams that you have never heard of. Think of …

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