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Patching the End User: How to Recognize the Social Engineering In Scams

Scammers use psychological manipulation to defraud their victims, so it is extremely useful to be able to identify the social engineering elements in online scams. If you can recognize the social engineering taking place in some of today’s scams, you can better protect yourself and avoid scams that you have never heard of. Think of …

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The Next Big Thing?

There is a lot of talk today about systems getting smaller, thinner and lighter. Tablets have become the norm for consuming content. Customers like them because they can go anywhere, they have long battery life and are easy to use. Can’t really argue with a tablet as a content consumption device. As of late even …

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A Year From Now Support for Windows XP Ends, Now What?

Reposted from  A Year From Now Support for Windows XP Ends, Now What? If your business is still running Windows XP, now is the time to upgrade to a modern OS. In 2001, Windows XP was launched, and went on to become Microsoft’s most popular operating system of its time, aiding consumers and business users …

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